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#TheWitTape is coming!

Wit is partnering with Grammy-award winning producer Needlz (Jadakiss “Letter to B.I.G,” Bruno Mars “Just the Way You Are,” Cardi B “Ring” are just a few of his tracks you might know) and the cast of The A Room Show (@prodbyneedlz, @janeebolden, @rockyrichwater and @domgotbeats) to launch a contest that will be the first of its kind for the Wit community. Think you’ve got bars or a heavenly voice? Then follow these steps to be considered for entry:

  1. Follow @TheARoomShow on Instagram
  2. Follow @witcontests on Instagram
  3. Upload a video (up to 60 seconds) of you performing your original rap or song to the beat

We will begin taking submissions between Monday July 27 and Friday August 7. Voting will open on Monday August 10, followed by an exclusive episode of @TheARoomShow where Needlz and the cast of industry experts will tell us who THEY think has talent in the Wit Creator Community, and after the votes are in we’ll see if the public thought the same!

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How it works.

If you’re a creator, just submit your video, promote it, and climb the ranks towards our lucrative top prize and Wit stardom. Remember to submit ASAP so your video is live at the start of the contest!

If you're a voter, you win cash by voting for at least 1 of the top 3 videos! If you guess 2 or even all 3, your prize will be multiplied! You can earn more votes and a better shot at winning by inviting your friends.

Is this real?

We know this sounds too good to be true, but we promise there’s no catch! Just ask the dozens of creators and voters on our leaderboard who have won hundreds to thousands of dollars playing Wit, like our top three highest earners:

Followers: 30.5K
Wins: 22
Followers: 30.7K
Wins: 15
Followers: 30.3K
Wins: 8

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