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Wit is a video contest platform that helps brands generate authentic video content from top tier talent. Through these contests, brand partners receive a treasure trove of high-quality content and awareness for their products.

With millions of passionate creators and consumers championing your brand through authentic video content, running a branded contest on Wit is the #1 way to reach Gen Z and Millennials.

Let today’s talented creators convert their fans into your brand’s customers.

Partnership Opportunities

  • Unprecedented access to talented creators who will create custom content for your brand based on your needs
  • Widespread brand exposure via coordinated social media promotion by Wit creators across channels
  • Cutting-edge AI filters through fraud and identifies top creators with authentic, high-quality engagement
  • Ability to white label and run a distributed influencer campaign with millions of impressions at your fingertips
  • License to repurpose and reuse the content created across different marketing channels

How It Works

Our sponsors run themed contests on our platform resulting in tons of high-quality content that reaches millions of millennial and Gen Z consumers.

Campaign Brief

We work with the brand to design a custom contest in line with their current marketing priorities.

Sourcing Talent

We use AI to screen talent, prevent fraud, and augment our existing pool of creators.

Executing Contest

We execute the contest on our platform, with top talent promoting on their own channels.

Providing Analytics

We provide detailed engagement stats back to the brand, segmented by creator/platform.

Processing Payments

We seamlessly process payments to all creators and fans involved in the contest.

Case Study: Kangaroo Security

Partnership Objective

Wit partnered with Kangaroo for a custom video contest designed to increase awareness around their Siren + Keypad security kit through creative, quality user-generated content.
Kangaroo is a repeat customer on Wit.


Creators were prompted with the challenge to come up with the most creative use of a security system, and it became a viral hit with naturally shareable content for social media.

Campaign Delivery

  • 2,388,081 followers reached
  • 67,977 total engagements
  • 501,007 total views
  • 12 branded videos

  • Earned media value: $55,000
  • 8x ROI for Kangaroo

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